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Beach Head Chambray Shirt.

Beach Head Chambray Shirt.

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Papa Nui is the Axis Buster!

On every front Papa Nui is on the job, lending a hand to Uncle Sam.

When contracted by the War Production Authority to produce a work shirt for our Sailors in forest green, our Seabees and our Marines, the Papa was quick to the task. Referencing early 1942 ‘Reliance’, detailing  and adding a healthy dose of creative licence our Atoll’s golden cavalier created a chambray shirt of considerable merit. Made in the finest facilities of the Far East under the watchful eye of the production maestro John Lofgren, the Beach Head shirt features heavy duty specifications, triple stitched felled seams, double thick ventilated arm holes, chrysanthemum stitch ventilated yoke holes and indestructible  buttons, details that put this shirt right on the job , right in the fight!  With its oversized utility pocket and sweat resistant ‘Luckies’ pocket, the Beach Head shirt is the choice of our armed services.

Available in Japanese selvedge Indigo Chambray and custom coloured Sea Green Chambray, the Papa Nui Beach Head shirt is ready now in our PX store:

* For best results on the Beach Head chambray Papa Nui suggests a quick round with the washing machine and dryer before wearing for optimum fit and styling.

*Personal insight from the Papa: “I love vintage chambray and especially so because of the bizarre pocket combinations of early 20th century workwear, which I’ve incorporated into this design. Practicality and functionality is a whole other thing though, and so what I’ve chosen to do with mine is to unpick the pencil stitching to allow for more room in the chest pocket. The bar tack is left in place so it’ll still hold a pencil but the pocket bag will be freed up. ( bartack can also be removed carefully with a scalpel for optimum functionality) As for the cigarette pocket, if you’re a soft pack smoker ( Luckies preferably or the fabulous Japanese Hi Lites) then great, if not, well then I got nothing for you other than enjoy the detailing”.

Beach Head Shirt Sizing Guide CM.
Chest 57 58 61 64 67
Shoulder 46 46.5 48 50 51
Neck 41 42 43 44 46
Sleeves 66 66.5 68 69 69
Length 78 78 80 80.5 81
Beach Head Sizing Guide INCHES.
Chest 22.5 23 24 25 26.5
Shoulder 18 18.5 19 19.75 20
Neck 16 16.5 17 17.5 18
Sleeves 26 26.5 27 27.25 27.25
Length 30.5 30.5 31 31.25 31.5


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