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Canoe U Cap - ON SALE

Canoe U Cap - ON SALE

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The Canoe U Cap.

Its 1944 and B-29 Superfortress’s are rolling off the production line every 90 minutes. On the Atoll the Papa Nui Cap Co is operating the ‘Singers’ on 24 hour shifts to the sounds of the Mary’s sing song.

Supply contracts to the US Navy are in full swing and the Papa’s facilities are pushing out a new cap. Gone are the ineffectual stingy brims, the ubiquitous and the impractical and in their place is the new ‘Canoe U’.
Named after the the Naval Academy at Melville Rhode Island, the ‘Canoe U’ cap utilizes the traditional whilst transforming Naval Aviation caps forever.

Rugged Olive Drab Jungle cloth whipcord is built around a low profile cap with a visor of consequence, 8.5cm of protection make this cap a favorite with our boys in the South Pacific.


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