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Catch 22 Pianosa Fly Fishing Cap (made to order)

Catch 22 Pianosa Fly Fishing Cap (made to order)

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On a lake on the outskirts of Rome, Yossarian cast a fly out onto the calm water of the early Latin dawn.

As a founding member of the Pianosa Fly Fishing Club, he’d come to appreciate his furlough away from the airfield and the constant missions over Northern Italy which had now exceeded 50 under the command of Col Cathcart.

He chose a fly and tied it to his leader and then performed a swooping cast and the fly gently landed 30 feet out onto the water. He began to retrieve line slowly and at that moment there was a ripple on the surface and then a powerful strike! The line ran out fast and he drew back hard on his rod and suddenly his prey was hooked. A monster!

The illusive Italic Pike, ‘Esox Flaviae’ an archaic predator very well know in piscatorial circles since ancient Roman times and a fighting fish of quality.

“Questo è un po 'di cattura che cattura 22”, ( that’s some catch, that catch 22), he quietly mumbled to himself.

*This cap is made to order from the following size options available so please patience is key.


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John B.B.
Superb construction, fit & details

superb, construction, fit and details. Once again, Papa Nui knocks it out of the park.

Thanks John this is one for the ages.

Christian B.
One of a kind

The hat is amazing. Completely unique and impeccably made. Thanks again, Papa!

Best fit of my PAPA collection!

John proposed me a custom visor with this patern and I absolutely don’t regret it! The fabric texture, quality and wrap is also fantastic and make a great fit.
The camo is in the spirit of the Tarnjacke oakleaf patern of the German smock, worn during the battle of Kursk in the Summer of 1943.