Chosin Fly Fishing Club Cap.

Chosin Fly Fishing Club Cap.

Chosin fly fishing club.

For those of us that fancy fishing on the fly, the desire runs deep. So much so that even in the midst of a heated contest for territory a moment of respite came with the casting of a leader in a reservoir full of Manchurian trout.

Our resourceful Devil Dogs requisitioned these purpose built caps from the Papa Nui Cap Co who in conjunction with cap making maestro Troy O’Shea delivered a solid cover made by repurposing original 1952 Korean War issue shelter halves especially for our Marines on the line. The long billed caps protected them from the glaring whiteness of snow and shaded their eyes so they could see deep into the swirling waters for their finned game as well as adding an essential advantage in spotting their quilted cladded foe when they charged en mass across frozen fields.

The Chosin Fly Fishing Club Cap comes in sizes Small through to X-Large and are cut from two 1952 shelters recently obtained. Each shelter is a curious mix of twill and canvas and has a unique patina of 70 years. Sweatbands are cotton twill for comfort and the long billed Hemingway-esque visor is lined in three layers of 25 oz natural canvas which provides a superior shaping capability. As always this is a small batch concept of limited supply.

For the best customising results it is recommended you soak your cap in luke warm water until wet through, towel dry and wear till dry. This will provide the optimal amount of stretch or shrinkage according to your preferences all awhile allowing you to shape and style to individuality.