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Ice Station Papa A-3 Cap. Papa x Troy O’Shea.

Ice Station Papa A-3 Cap. Papa x Troy O’Shea.

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Under the light of the Southern Cross at the base of the South Pacific Ocean is Ice Station Papa, Antarctic Research facility for the Navy.

In this rugged environment where survival is the utmost, our boys protect themselves by wearing Papa Nui caps.

For indoor activities at the station, crews wear the Papa’s A-3 mechanics cap. Dyed to vibrant Antarctic colors of Glacier Green and Polar Yellow to ensure high visibility in conditions where there isn’t any the caps are custom crafted for service in milder conditions. A result of the ongoing relationship between the Papa x Troy O’Shea, the Ice Station Papa A-3, represents another in a series of reclaimed and recycled concepts that remakes the old into the new. Using vintage coveralls from the rural fire service and the department of forestry, these ‘treated’ cottons are repatterned and recut into hard wearing covers for the isolated crews of the Station. Baring stains from working with machinery and generators as well as the discoloration of a life of exposure to the harshest of the natural elements, these A-3’s are a limited run item designed to compliment the Papa’s Antarctic general Issue watch caps, a set for all cap enthusiasts to own.


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Dean W.
Great unique Cap

Excellent quality unique cap