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Naval Academy Cap - ON SALE

Naval Academy Cap - ON SALE

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At Tom’s River New Jersey,  the cadets of the Admiral Farragut Academy engage in Pre Flight Training. Out front of the barracks dressed in khaki shorts, white t-shirts, high top sneakers and their grey flannel Papa Nui Caps, their daily schedule of early morning calisthenics, followed by breakfast and a rotation between physical drills, military drills and academics, grooms these young candidates for the highest ratings and service in Naval Aviation. At every stage of their journey, Papa Nui has them covered. Their flannel academy caps becoming favorites that eventually ship out in sea bags accompanying them to the war in the Pacific.

Recreated in amazing detail, these beloved caps are released once more under another awesome collaboration between Papa Nui and head wear aficionado, Troy O’Shea.

Taking a light grey pure wool flannel, Troy crafts an A-3 profiled cap with added eyelets and squatchee on his 1929 Singer sewing machine. The visor is then lined with 3 layers of 25oz natural canvas which provides superior customizing capabilities and styling memory. Underneath we’ve trimmed out the under visor with indigo chambray as a homage to US Navy work shirts and then the internals are no exception, with a beautiful Navy blue leather sweatband and silk trim. Adorning the front of the cap is a hand cut wool felt Naval Academy ‘N’, alerting all to the prestige of this institution for young men and acknowledging their destiny as the Air Aces of tomorrow.


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