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Papa Nui is the Ace of caps!

Inspired by his fathers WWII service in the South Pacific, the Papa crafts a product selection, an amalgam for the Beach, the Sun, the Sea. Utility, uniqueness and authenticity create a product of exceptional quality. Fully made in Japan and Australia, anything else really, is just a cap.

  • Coral Cruiser Sunglasses

    In war service, Navy and Marine aviators thank Papa Nui for helping them combat the glare of the sun, the sea, the sky.

    Coral Cruisers 
  • Atoll Flyers Jacket

    Awesome new update to the previous Marines aviators jacket in a simplified variant of the J-7758-B. The PN version, the Atoll flyers Jackets is a perfect layering piece for winter or the ultimate stand alone for summer. Available in HBT Olive drab or an exclusive limited edition Nam tiger stripe and a beachside out Frogskin Camo.

    Atoll Flyers Jacket 
  • The Armstrong Cap

    In the iconic Life Magazine photograph of 1969, Neil Armstrong is seen lighting a cigar. Resplendent in his FG - 58 sunglasses and a red four panel aviator style cap perched on the back of his head, the Apollo 11 Commander is the epitome of cool. Papa Nui and Tony Sylvester bring this piece of crucial headgear to the everyday kit.

    The Armstrong Cap 
  • Neil Armstrong Cap Badges

    Neil Armstrong Cap badges incl. in purchase of every Tony Sylvester and Papa Nui Armstrong Red Cap

  • Hell Cat Cap

    The toughest cap ever to fly above the Atoll.

    hell cat 
  • The Pilar

    Modeled in tough GI Herringbone twill, the Pilar Cap salutes the War service of Jack and Ernest Hemingway. The ultimate in sun protection for angling a fly on a French stream or at home on the bridge of a Q boat off the coast of Santiago.

  • Congressmans Hat

    Non combatants arriving in downtown Saigon and kitting out for the adventure. Our 2023 release expands on this theme and this hat is back in stock in a fresh combination of a khaki Herringbone twill and accompanied by various Bob Hope badges to enhance the story.

  • Correspondents Hat

    The Correspondent bucket hat, was an idea built from the notion of the civilian on the battlefield, non combatants arriving in downtown Saigon and kitting out for the adventure. Our 2023 releases expands on this theme and this combination of olive drab comes in two options, a Grenadier red and blue ribbon or a Green/black ribbon. Bob Hope 1972 pin badge is included.

    Other options to enhance you hat are available in the Tony Sylvester patch set which features a Vietnamese Bao Chị patch (correspondent) as well as a Saigon version of old Glory and the ARVN flag.

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