Collection: SUMMER 2024

All new Summer 2024 collection!


The Papa brings new a collection of fabulous covers to help you negotiate your way through this summer. Two caps and three hats make up this seasons release focusing on a mix of authenticity and practicality.

The return of the Hellcat in the long awaited Beachside out brown Frog camouflage leads the way with it deep fit and generous visor and gives you the advantage in any extreme sun situation. Perfect for a life under the Atoll sun.

Next there's the CVN-44 cap, this beauty aligns with enthusiasts of the US Navy, its N-3 shape is realised in an all natural herringbone twill and is a snappy little cap to be worn back with chambray shirts and dungarees.

The fleet training hat is a what if piece thats centres you in any one of the US Naval training schools and its Daisy Mae silhouette is perfect for days in the field, on the rifle range or on the water.

The Sierra cap is an homage to post war outdoors activities. Hiking mountain trails, drifting in canyons on going on a backwoods adventure, The Sierra is a safety red Daisy Mae with strong military vibes that was worn throughout the late 1940's and featured heavily in National Geographic photo stories during this period. Wear it back with LL Bean vintage plaids, combat pants and a US army rucksack.

Finally we have the Crazy tiger, this Daisy Mae boonie style harkens back to the hundreds of Mamasan outfits in old Saigon, each producing localised versions of mil-spec gear for the thousands of service men stationed in country. This Papa hat goes beyond any repos piece and uses a full Japanese small batch yield of premium tiger cloth that has been reproduced for stitch count, colour density, print and dye method and finally for fade authenticity. Truly a special piece that has been made in a unique collaboration with MILITARIA 1911, Japans finest.