Currency and Payments.

The Papa Nui Cap Company webstore is set up in USD currency.

Although Australian based, the company functions internationally and therefore needs to operate in a stable currency. The Australian dollar fluctuates heavily so obviously a price cannot be set if the exchange rate will be dramatically different when goods need to be paid for.

All my development and sundries and suppliers are paid in USD so it makes sense then that the Papa takes only USD. 
When doing direct sales business for what ever reason off line using PayPal, there is no reason for you to convert to Australian dollars, there’s a drop down device next to the prompt that you can ensure you are sending USD,

The online store accepts payment by PayPal or Credit Card as well as Apple Pay.

Please refrain from asking what currency my prices are in. After 10 years trading its one of those unnecessary annoyances, of course I’ll politely answer your question but given the overwhelming volume of little things people ask, understand it all takes time away from the core of running the business.