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Maine Watch Cap

Maine Watch Cap

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“To Hell with Spain, Remember the Maine!” A battle cry on their lips! An homage from the Papa as he knits a watch cap that speaks to the century’s turn, to the birth of empire, to the beginnings of homogeny. The Maine Cap!

This 1898 U.S.N. Knit has been extensively researched from archival photos and reversed engineered by hand knit in 100% Corriedale Peruvian Worsted wool evoking the ‘seed stitch’ of yesteryear and saluting the iconic predecessor of all naval watch caps.

Stand the watch, be the pride of the fleet, wear the Maine Cap.

Available in Havana Black in an exclusive historical release.

***NOTE: The Maine cap is not subject to discounting. Each watch cap is hand made in exceedingly small quantities and as such is not to be sold at a lesser price. I will not honour any abandoned check out discounting on this item, if you have to think about it chances are it'll be gone before you get back to your cart.


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Love It!

Great addition to my collection and probably the quickest delivery yet to Canada

Jean-Louis G.
Über vintage

This hat is so unique and also very well made! Thanks to John research, we can enjoy it’s style today with every work wear or vintage military. A must for every enthusiast

These knits are superb and quite unique, I’m glad you like it.

Dhr p.v.d.Z.
Smooth action

Thank u John for the great hat. It all went smooth

Thanks Paul for being in for the long haul.