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Saipan HBT A-3

Saipan HBT A-3

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The Saipan HBT is the last lot of battle scarred fabric in the vault and is drawn from a number of trashed out P-41 jackets that have seen enough action to glean the patina of the front lines. Beautifully faded, frayed, holed and soiled, this herringbone is sublime and forms the basis of a small collection of A-3 caps that showcases the conceptual talents of Papa and the sewing prowess of Troy O’Shea. Every cap is handcrafted from laying the patterns over the old jackets and cutting through to the construction on a 1929 Singer machine. You’ll not find a better example anywhere.

*Each cap is completely individual, some have markings, stencils, rank hashs, others are mismatched and others again have holes stains and repairs.


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Aymeric S.H.
Very beautiful cap

Nice cap Papa
Thank you 🙏🏻

Indeed it is, enjoy!

The perfect cap!

After several weeks on the line my unit was pulled back for some R&R, having lost my issue cap on the landings, after grabbing some hot chow I hit up the supply tent for a replacement and imagine my surprise when the papa hands me this gorgeous cap!!!

It was great to see you on the beach Cody!