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Catch 22 Pianosa Army Airforce T-shirt.

Catch 22 Pianosa Army Airforce T-shirt.

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From the air fields of Pianosa off the island of Sardinia comes the imagined tee shirt design of the 256th Bomb Group 15th Army Air Forces.

This is a rare bird indeed and a direct homage to one of the best literary works, films and mini series of all time, Joseph Heller’s, Catch 22.

In embarking on this project I really wanted to incorporate the image of the Wolf of Rome, one of histories most iconic symbols and yet so rarely used with any sense of aesthetic. Framed within the generic layout of vintage military t-shirts, the art slides effortlessly into the period and becomes the perfect ‘what if’ piece. I enlisted the talents of UK artist Adrian McKay to realise my idea, and as the best in the business, Ade came up with this piece which Im extremely happy with. Ade has a feel for the war period and the ability to capture it perfectly, it’s not an easy thing. Font styles and negative space are all important elements in wartime art and very few can do it right, mostly it’s loaded with ‘cheese’ and the essence is lost in the kitsch, but Adrian’s execution is always awesome.

The Catch 22 tee accompanies a collection of caps, acquired by Milo Minderbender via Papa Nui and made from confiscated and repurposed Axis camouflage for use by the Syndicate with the help of a little allied ingenuity.

Sizing: see photos.

*Recommended for best fitting that tees are washed and put through the dryer to sufficiently shrink for correct WWII fitting.




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Eric L.
Beautiful Design

The design is great, melding Italian history with American military style and a literary tribute. One run through the wash and it fits like a glove.

Joshua R.
Catch 22 tee shirt

As always Papa has exceeded my expectations! I always await new tee shirts from Papa as not only are they well made but the design work is bar none. Thanks again for such great products!


Beautifully executed, and original screen printed T-shirt

Grant G.

Amazing tee that looks and feels like it was printed in 1944. Looking forward to how it fades after years of washes and wear. Thanks for another beautiful design, Papa!

Robert T.

Great shirt! Maybe some USN themed t-shirts in the future?