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Das Papa Wollkappa Kriegsmarine watch cap

Das Papa Wollkappa Kriegsmarine watch cap

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U-Boat watch cap.

Taking part in no less than 6 Wolf Packs, U-566 had been severely damaged by a Hudson of No 233 Squadron, disabled by a Wellington of 172 Squadron and shot down two USN Ventura’s from VP-128. She drove off a third, a Martin Mariner before coming to her end in 1943 off the coast of Portugal where, the ‘Suckling Wolf’, succumbed to damage from 6 depth charge hits from a British Wellington Bomber. She was scuttled by her own crew with no loss of life. The crew were then interned and after the war met their victors from 179 Squadron RAF.

The Papa was fortunate to be there at the surrender when the survivors were picked up and to accept a gift of their Podlemutz caps in their original dirty bags as a gesture of goodwill.

Each cap a hand knitted labour of love from Fräuleins of the Fatherland and the DRK  Deutsches Rotes Kreuz.

Date line June 1943.

Papa Nui Atoll Supply Base.

Surveying the confiscated ditty bags we see an exclusive that draws its inspiration from late war material shortages. Factories pieced together kit from whatever scraps of fabric were available, so here we mix German camouflage into a bag that features summer/Autumn  Palm patterns, autumn Blurred edge, Spring Plane tree with classic Pea dot Camo straps.

Each bag has been hand crafted by Saner Lohvitee, master and prolific bag maker.

The U-Boat cap, the ‘podlemutz’, is reversed engineered by Sonya Lekker in Montana USA, from originals in a warm pure worsted wool, a mix of Merino and Corriedale, for softness and strength.  These caps like the allied Red Cross watch caps made for sailors on warships and merchant ships are hand knitted with the same embodiment of love hope and safe passage as the originals by patient Frauleins of the Fatherland.

The U-boat pins are acquired from War Hats UK and are solid brass, aged in salt and vinegar to tarnish stain and age as though exposed to the briny Atlantic. The ‘Sucking Wolf’ emblem, the mascot of U-566 is provided for you to sew to your cap. A 1940’s Red Cross lithograph print pin badge is added to represent those knitted also by the Deutsche Rote Kreuz.

The swing tags were designed by vintage afficiendado and San Francisco artist Patrick Segui, and are hand stamped by the Papa and tied off in natural jute string and finally secured to the Pudlemutz by a WWII aged brass laundry pin.

 These are the steps involved in bringing together a conceptual idea that harnesses the talents of many to produce a product for the few. Only 12 packages are available so please don’t hesitate to grab one of these whilst available. Don’t sit on the fence then ask me about plans for a rerelease as coordinating this product has been a process of 8 months and not likely to be be repeated any time soon.


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Extraordinary & Outstanding handmade Wool Cap!

This Cap is stunning, made with a lot of dedication & outstanding fabric, very nice details like the "Sucking Wolf" emblem and the Red Cross badge and finally to my great joy delivered in an individual bag!

Iconic isn’t it and such a great shape. Thank you for your purchase.

John B.B.
Perfection in headwear

Superb & authentic. Well made & designed.

Bernard C.
Great products

Have purchased many products from you and without exception they have all been fantastic, well Made and perfect fit.. would recommend without reservation