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N-3 USN Grey Cap

N-3 USN Grey Cap

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As early as 1942, the Navy was firmly in the hands of Admiral King and his dislike of working khakis was legendary. God forbid, it resembled the Army!

King then advocated for a slate grey uniform to be worn as he had long admired the blue grey uniforms of his Allies in the RAF.

Soon he had a tailor work up a naval uniform in a similar grey colour variation made from a Herringbone twill fabric not unlike that worn by the US Marines.

So taken was he by his new idea that he decided to roll it out to the entire US Navy, though it met with much opposition especially from the other admirals and in particular Admiral ‘Bull’ Halsey and the Commander of the Pacific, Admiral Nimitz. This resulted in a limited roll out, however the new colour scheme saw action with Deck crews, PT men,

Sea Bees and UDT teams from October 1943 through till April 1946.

Responding to Admiral Kings demands, the Papa Nui Cap Co produced this unusual variant cap, the N-3 utility cap in ‘King’ Slate Blue. As the only company to be awarded a contract to develop this new working cap, surviving pieces are rare.

This beautiful style has all the elegance and simplicity of style that it’s A-3 Army counter part has but instead is realised in a Japanese milled mini HBT fabrication with an unfixed dye method allowing a quickly developed patina consistent with the sun drenching of deployment in the vast Pacific campaign.

A cool billiard green poplin under visor keeps water reflection at a minimum whilst  a new all cotton canvas insert allows for the most natural customisation of visor styling to  be set to suit your personal preferences.

-medium 57-58cm

-large 59-60cm

-quick warm water soak, towel dry, wear till dry.


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Great quality hat, perfect fit for my goofy head.

Cody M.
One of the best!

Yet another cap from the genius of papa! It’s a perfect cap to flip the brim and wear at a rakish angle!

Ahh yes Cody this one is a beauty! That grey will fade down and look real salty.