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Seals UDT Lime Tiger Surf Trunks.

Seals UDT Lime Tiger Surf Trunks.

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    "We do a lot of surfing around here, Lance. I like to finish operations early, fly down to Yung Tau for the evening glass. Been riding since you got here?”

“No, but I did manage to pick up a pair of the Papa’s UDT surf trunks for when we hit Charlie’s Point”

Preparation is everything as Lance knows, so when you’re ready to hit the beach make sure you’re armed and ready, don’t be keeping the Colonel waiting, strip down and let’s see that Malibu nose ride.

     After his long haul as the Rec officer in charge of the Tonkin Gulf Surf Club facilities adjacent to Charlie’s Point, the Papa took a well earn RnR up to Seoul.

Never one to be idle, his first order of the day was to meet up with Santa Maria Company and secure product for the boys back on the beach. Custom crafted UDT Trunks and beach hats for the battalions Atoll Raiders all cut from a bolt of Lime Tiger Cloth and patched with the Papa’s Double bolt DI. A limited summer release to whet the appetite, this small collection is set to storm the beaches for a late summer campaign and are mission ready for your next saltwater operation.
100% cotton twin button rear pockets, Papa Atoll Raiders double lightning bolt patch.

Made in South Korea


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Samuel D.
32 Small Ship Squadron

God gave me pistons for legs, his decision not mine. Until now, mine had to cower from the world, a world built for men with Tyrannosaurus Rex arms for legs. A world where men had forgotten what it feels like to have Jesus blowing the winds of Nazareth between your front cannons. As soon as my pair of lime tiger UDT's arrived I threw them up my legs and torso faster than an A-10 laying down sweet kisses from the sky, and boy, did they hit their target. I wear these tactical **** togs out as often as the good lord allows me, and the good lord is always on my side.
These wet trunks start their crusade up in the northern lands near your navel base, then cover the jungle all the way down to the southern border, where they hold fast protecting all valuable assets. From there it's just all out war from Thighgon to the floor, no prisoners taken.
Do yourself a favour and grow up for once, make the right decision and let Papa Nui dress your ragged ****.

Obvious;y this customer should be my copywriter for the brand!

Awesome swimsuit

I got these as part of a Christmas gift before setting off for Hawai'i. I broke them in on a trip to Hana where we swam in beautiful pools by waterfalls. They were perfect! I can't wait for the colors to fade a bit as I get to wear them more.