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Tail end Charlie.

Tail end Charlie.

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Tail End Charlie Cap.

‘Charlie’ is here, your best friend, the guy that’s got your back, your angel with his twin 50’s pointing towards the sun, covering the sky, covering your ass.

The Papa Nui Cap Co. and the Troy O’Shea research division present to you a return of a favourite.

A long fascination with the ubiquitous A-3 Mechanics Cap has lead to this unique offering and an essential addition to your flight kit. Following the premise that gun turrets are tightly cramped spaces, the Papa and Troy discussed creating a flight cap that was better suited for issue to ball turret and tail gunners. Enter the Tail End Charlie cap, a superior bespoke made cap that captures all the history and romance of the A-3 but offers up a re-designated visor shape that provides less obstacle and more freedom of movement in a tighten environment. Our Cap is built solid from A used shelter and is available only in the most limited supply. This cap is not General Issue!

To get the best from your Papa x Troy cap a quick warm water sloosh is recommended, this will soften the cap. Place on head and smooth to contours or give it a slight stretch, now wear vigorously till dry.

* this cap has been created from a used WWII Impressions Marine shelter half.



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A unique take on the classic A3, the smaller brim and frogskin camo on this version really caught my eye. Well made, solid quality materials, and after the recommended warm soak and dry on head process, fits me like it was made to measure. Cheers!

Glad to see you like it! Those stubby brims keep you focused on that incoming ‘meatball’.

Clint B.
Tail End Charlie

Not only is this another incredible product from Papa and his Beach Battalion, but EVERY product I've received from them has been top of the line fashionable warfightin' product. It's stylish, robust, durable, and we'll made- Papa hits it out of the park yet again!

Thanks Clint that’s a great testimony! The Tail end Charlie is a classic profile for sure enjoy.