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Frog Skin Shelter cloth Papa X Troy O’Shea A-3

Frog Skin Shelter cloth Papa X Troy O’Shea A-3

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The most iconic and original Frog Camo cap out there. Repurposed from an original WWII USMC shelter half to create an A-3 cap like no other. Made exclusively by master cap maker Troy O’Shea, these caps a thing of rare beauty.

Limited availability due to the fabric. Cotton twill sweatband and internal taping, all natural canvas visor lining for the best shaping results possible. Simply the best cap of its kind anywhere.

Luke warm water rinse, towel off excess, wear till dry for the best custom fit results.


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The Heat of Battle

The enemy always attacked at dawn. Their relentless campaign forged on ahead hour by red hot hour. It was a withering onslaught burning through copious reserves without a flicker of remorse.

With such a formidable foe, the average, ill-equipped Joe would have wilted under the fierce heat of battle. Oh sure you could hunker down, and Sad Sack it out day after day in the dank bunker but to what logical end? 

Salvation came in the form of an air drop from the Atoll Raiders out of Fort Nui. Like manna from heaven, only better --  a frogskin A-3.

At long last, I had it made in the shade. 

Papa's words rung as true as ever -- "Victory starts here" as I armored my noggin', flipped down my visor, steeled my gaze and pressed the attack.

The sun didn't stand a chance.

You want a job in the copywriting department? We could make a desk available for you, lol!!!

Patrick C.
Unmatched quality and detail.

Love this cap! The quality of the materials and the a-2 style cut are superb. I will wear this cap for many years to come.

Awesome Patrick thank you.